Let's talk photoshoots.

So if you haven't already booked your session, you may be thinking about it! YAH! Since I started my photography journey I've made it a goal for my photoshoots to not just be, another photoshoot. To me, it's all about creating a special experience for you. I feel like once a session is booked, a lot of people kind of don't know where to start or what goes into the planning of it. Sure, we can go to any ordinary place and that be that. But I wanted to write this to try to plot it in your head that it can be created as so much more! So I thought of the top 5 things that make a photoshoot PERFECT! Let's dig in!

  1. Location- First thing I always ask people is if they have a special spot they would love to shoot at. It can be anything from a coffee shop to a special spot on the river bank. I want to start there, try to think of a meaningful spot that is sentimentally to you. It will make your session that much more special. I especially try to ask this with my engagement sessions. Now if you don't have a spot in mind, that is totallyyyy okay! I can help you plan the perfect spot that would make sense for your session! Let's make it cool + fun! I am down for an adventure!
  2. Clothing- Okay. Probably the most asked question of them all. When you book a session you will receive my welcome guide that goes into more depth with clothing choice. But you guys! This does not need to be complicated. I feel like people go straight to thinking they have to buy all new outfits when they have a photo session coming up. (Don't get me wrong, I love buying new outfits. So totally do it if you want too!) My point is that its not completely necessary. You probably have all you need in your closet. Don't overthink it. Keep it simple. Stick to neutral earth tone colors, stay away from mixing patterns, or bright colors. Just make sure you IRON your clothes! I do want to make it a big point though. The choices you make will play a huge part in how your images turn out. So be sure to give it some thought. Reach out to me and I will help you you out!
  3. Lighting- When booking sessions, I always recommend either sunrise or when the sunsets. This ensures we have the best chance for sunlight. Sunlight matters you guys. The time of the day we shoot, matters. Michigan is a crazy lady with her weather. If we have a session booked and I feel like the weather that day is going to compromise the photos, I will ask to reschedule. I want the best outcome for you and your images! Overcast is totally okay with me to shoot in.
  4. Find Inspiration- What is the story you want to tell within your session? Have you thought abut that? What is the vibe you want to set when looking back at your images? Guys, we can make it as simple as saying "Cheese" at the camera. But I'm encouraging you to make it more, and it's going to be a heck of a lot more fun. I'm not the photographer that enjoys blank images with no story behind them. Let's create one, I will help you. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. You can find inspiration within your family, movies, anything.
  5. Have a good attitude- This may sound silly, but it's one that I hands down was putting in here. Having a good attitude arriving to the session is key. There's so many times people walk up to the shoot with their heads down, dreading it. Ummm hello!! WHY?? There's no reason for it. Life is too short to be upset about having your photo taken! LUCKILY, I pride myself in turning those emotions around quite quickly. My sessions are fun and filled with weird jokes to break the ice. And if you are nervous about being awkward or not knowing what to do. I. GOT. YOU! I'm awkward too LOL. But I promise I will walk you through every step of the way.

So! I hope these 5 tips help in guiding your session to be all that you dreamed of! I can't wait to work with you!

Let's book your session!