The love was apparent between them. The excitement was outpouring through the grins written across theirs faces. Chelsea + Chris were more then ready to exchange the words that represent forever. They shared sweet moments of prepping themselves with loved ones surrounding them up until the clock struck 3pm. Chelsea was led down the isle by her God loving father who would soon be the one to marry her + Chris. Chris's eyes filled with emotion as she approached him in her beautiful gown and handmade veil (sewn by her father). The moments Chris + Chelsea stood in front of each other were filled with tears, smiles, and deep rooted words. They stood underneath a beautiful arch full of greenery. The Cadillac Grill was the perfect Venue for their gorgeous winter wedding.

Prior to the wedding I had the chance to talk with Chelsea over the phone. We communicated about how the day would look and went over details. We unfortunately didn't have the chance to meet up, but that did not put a speed bump in how quickly we all became comfortable with each other. The whole time we laughed with each other and our sense of humor matched perfectly to a T. To say their families were wonderful is such an understatement. Each one of them had such excitement for these three people to come together as one. (We most certainly have to add in their sweet little girl<3)

To Chris + Chelsea's Wedding party: SO many laughs! You guys were so much help. Literally always there helping in anyway you can. The day went so smooth with all that you guys did. You all were amazing. I can tell Chris + Chelsea are very lucky to have you all in their lives.

To Chris + Chelsea: THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting in every single thing I did. Thank you for welcoming me in and making me feel so comfortable. You have such a strong love between you. It is also so clear of how much you have to look up too within your family. You guys were such CHAMPS through the snow and letting me take time to capture the memories that you can look back on for the rest of your lives. Your day was beyond perfect and I can't wait to share everything that we captured. I am so thankful for you both and wish you the very best with all that is to come.

XOXO Alex Lang